Orange County, California


Orange County, California

Transforming interior and exterior spaces


Zak Perez’s artwork transforms the world via subliminal messages of love and peace while transforming interior and exterior spaces through iconic original murals and fine art.

Mural art at Art Supply Warehouse by Zak Perez


Murals in Perez’s signature style spread his message of peace to an wider audience. These larger scale works are perfect for businesses, organizations, events, and private residences.


Fine art portrait in Newport Beach


Perez’s one-of-a-kind fine art canvases include complex, multi-layered portraits as well as encrypted canvases with Perez’s original poetry woven into visual art with his striking signature calligraphy.


Artist Statement

Zak Perez is on a mission to bring his transformational art to the world, delivering frequencies of love and peace through his artwork. Perez hallmarked a unique style, which emerged from his own inner spiritual transformation, by blending his original poetry into visual art with a striking calligraphy style that delivers his message of peace and love directly to the subconscious via subliminal imagery on canvas. Perez’s body of work also consists of complex, multi-layered portraits of inspirational figures juxtaposed against newspaper clippings of jarring current events, in which Perez invites the viewer to reflect on what it may look like to create a more kind world in the face of our current reality or violence, tragedy, and apathy. Perez’s most recent work brings his signature style and healing message to the arena of public art via murals that serve to spread the message of love and peace even further.

art is my
second nature

My work explores the space between the conscious and the subliminal. With influences such as peace, love, calligraphy and street art, insights are synthesized from both orderly and random strokes.

Ever since I began writing poetry I have been fascinated by the concept of encrypted canvases; carrying messages that are present, yet just out of reach. This style of work aims to speak to the viewer’s mind on a concealed level.

Represented in the UK by BDAA Art Agency


At the heart of Perez’s artwork are intentions of love and unity. Collaborative art pieces are an excellent way to put these intentions into living practice. Combining and complementing his own aesthetic with that of fellow artists is a favorite way to enhance and elevate beloved spaces, such as homes, businesses, art galleries, event spaces, and exhibitions.

Perez’s artwork is for all of these entities and more. Reach out to find out more.

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“Art is an immersive experience for both the artist and the viewer. Zak conveys the calmness that we all seek while bringing the simple beauty of a fresh brush stroke. His stories are represented through his artwork. We are lucky enough to present his work on our building here in Orange County.”

– Mark A. Ball
CEO at Art Supply Warehouse

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Zak Perez in front of his mural in Newport Beach