Venice Art Walls

Los Angeles, CA

Venice Art Walls

Los Angeles, CA

Graffiti Murals in Venice Beach

Zak Perez's calligraffiti mandala mural in Venice Beach

Graffiti/ calligraphy, mandala mural painted in July 2023

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I’ve had the pleasure of painting at the renowned Venice Art Walls four times so far, and have frequented this vibrant location on numerous other occasions. This place is one of my favorite spaces to get lost in the paint. Picture this: arriving at the beach, music vibrating the sound waves, settling on the sand right next to the art walls, surrounded by a lively crowd having a blast. To add to the scene, the skate park stands adjacent, and the entire boardwalk just waiting to be explored.

Venice Beach skate park

Venice Beach graffiti

One thing that makes the Venice Art Walls such an interesting place to paint is the chance to connect with other creators. Immersed in the world of graffiti-style murals, I often find myself engaging in conversations with other artists who are producing awesome public murals. The process of painting becomes an avenue for making new acquaintances from all corners of the globe as people love to stop by and talk while I’m painting.

Mandala calligraffiti mural at Venice Beach by Zak Perez
A calligraffiti, mandala mural made up of three half mandalas

A Shift in the Palette: A New Inspiration at the Venice Art Walls

During my recent trip to the Venice Art Walls, I took a fresh approach, deviating from my signature black and gold hues. This time, the palette featured metallic silver, a deep pearl purple, gentle light blue, soft pink, and pristine white.

The mural showcases a triad of half mandalas. Dominating the central mandala is a silver-lettered message, carrying the words of the Lord’s prayer from Matthew 6:9-13. As I painted, my reflections centered on verse 10, “your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven,” evoking imagery from Revelation 21:1-3 of God’s heavenly kingdom descending.

The day’s overcast ambiance and the cool 72-degree weather seemed to perfectly complement my chosen color scheme.

Venice art walls calligraffiti mural by Zak Perez
This mural subliminally conveys “Hope” and “Love” by using those words as the main strokes of the design

Venice Beach Art Walls 50 foot mural collaboration
50 foot collaboration mural with Kim Tabay

Venice art walls collab with Kim Tabay

Venice Beach mural in black and gold that says the words of John 14:29 by Zak Perez
This calligraffiti mural says the words of John 14:29 which says ‘I have told you now before it happens so that when it does happen, you will believe.’

A Brush with History

The Venice Art Walls boast a rich history, originally tied to the Venice Pavilion, which dates back to 1961. Back then, these walls were often blessed with graffiti murals, a practice technically illegal but embraced by both the community and, surprisingly, by the police. In 1999, the Pavilion met its end, yet a portion of these iconic walls was preserved, a living memorial to the twenty-five years of artwork that graced them. An exciting turning point occurred in 2000 when painting on the walls was officially permitted, leading to the area’s renaming as the Venice Graffiti Walls. Later, in 2007, they became known as the Venice Public Art Walls, or simply the Venice Art Walls.

If you’re eager to visit, you’ll find the Venice Art Walls located at 1800 Ocean Front Walk in the heart of Venice, CA 90291.

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