Residential Accent Wall Mural

Irvine, CA

Residential Accent Wall Mural

Irvine, CA

An Interior Design Statement

Accent wall mural in progress
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Stairway accent wall mural in Irvine

The Setting

This mural presented Perez with an exciting opportunity to approach his work from a different perspective. Instead of creating a typical graffiti-style street art mural, Perez aimed to showcase his versatility by designing a captivating interior statement piece. His main focus in achieving this objective was carefully selecting a complementary color palette.

The mural resides in a stunning home located in Irvine, CA, resembling an exclusive art gallery. Inside, you’ll find an exquisite collection of canvases created by renowned international artists, meticulously curated over several decades.

The Mural

The wall chosen for Perez’s artistic expression is one of the first things that catch your eye upon entering the home. It spans a significant area in the stairway and features a warm tan base color. Considering the elegant nature of the residence, Perez aimed to create a classy and sophisticated painting that would seamlessly blend with the overall aesthetic. To achieve this, he opted for white paint, ensuring the mural wouldn’t overpower the space but rather exude a sense of subtlety.

The result is an exceptional accent wall, reaching an impressive height of 13 feet in certain areas, which the homeowner absolutely adores.

Zak Perez painting an accent wall mural

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