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Zak Perez’s artwork transforms the world via subliminal messages of love and peace while transforming interior and exterior spaces through iconic original murals and fine art.

His one-of-a-kind fine art canvases include complex, multi-layered portraits as well as encrypted canvases with Perez’s original poetry woven into visual art with his striking signature calligraphy.

Transforming interior spaces through one of a kind fine art

Shepherd Fairy art


July 30, 2021

Abstract art by Zak Perez

Clear as Crystal

July 6, 2021

Black and gold abstract art

Dyad In The Force

July 6, 2021

Calligraphy fine art

Emerald City

July 6, 2021

Fine art canvas calligraphy


July 4, 2021

Fine art portrait


July 4, 2021